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Wedding in 3 Easy Steps

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5 Tips for a Stress Free Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Tips

5) Tune out the Negativity

Don’t let friends and family get in your head. If your family’s not paying for the wedding then the only opinion that matters is yours. Don’t waste time on pros and cons lists. The timing will never be perfect and things will go wrong through no fault of your own. Those who try to talk you out of a destination wedding do so for selfish reasons. Planning a beach wedding should be fun. There’s no room for Debbie Downers at your nuptials. Only invite people who are genuinely supportive – just being related isn’t enough for free tickets to your wedding. Trust your instincts, follow your heart & never second guess your decisions.  It will all work out!

OC Beach Brides Dance When it Rains!

4) If it Rains, Dance!

You can’t control the weather, only how you react to it. Do you know how rare it is to have a Rainbow in your wedding photos? Keep smiling and your guests will too. The bride sets the tone and guests will follow your lead.  Choreograph a Fun Rain Dance with your Bridesmaids while you’re getting ready.  Rain early in the day is advantageous. The beach usually clears out and its easier to walk on the sand. There may be a 50% chance of rain but there’s a 100% chance you won’t melt. Order stylish custom wedding umbrellas – you can use them rain or shine as photo props. Try to stay as close to the beach as possible so you have a convenient staging area. Even if the wedding has to be moved inside, you can still pop out for pictures when it clears up.  Remember, you can’t have a rainbow without some rain!

Maryland Sunset Beach Wedding

3) Timing is Everything

The best time for a summer beach wedding summer  is an hour before sunset.  When the lifeguards leave, crowds disappear and the temperature cools.    You’ll have soft lighting for photos and your makeup is less likely to run.  By dusk you’ll have the beach to yourself. Weekday weddings are much quieter than weekends. Morning weddings can be quite peaceful.  Off season weddings offer more intimacy  and amazing deals on ocean front hotels.

Best Location for an Ocean City Wedding

2) Location, Location, Location

The most  important wedding day investment is your room. Your ceremony should be on the beach in front of that room. is right in front of your room.  You want access to a mirror, bathroom and air condition until the last possible moment. You never want to drive or have to use a public restroom in your wedding dress.

Request the most spacious room with the best balcony in case it rains. If you can’t afford it, trim your guest list until you can. Arrive a day early.  You want to wake up the day of your wedding, look over the balcony and see exactly where you’ll be getting married that evening.  You want absolute Zen & Bliss in the precious hours before your wedding.

6 Tips for an Affordable Beach Wedding

6) Trim your Guest List

Receptions are expensive.  In 2021, being related doesn’t get you an automatic invite. Create rules for the guest list.  A new beach wedding trend is not inviting cousins or “Plus Ones”.  If you’re consistent, no one can complain.  Here’s a Fun Wedding Budget Game!  Take out your guest list.  Assign each guest a cost of $100 plus an hour of your time (Invitations, Favors, Menu, etc.)   Then subtract any guest from the list that you would not want to be alone  in a car with for an hour.  How much time & money did you just save?!

Affordable Beach Wedding Tips

5) Have a 2nd Reception at Home

Spread beach love to the friends and family that didn’t make it to the beach. Schedule it a few weeks after your wedding to insure your images arrive in time. Have it at a friend or family member’s house and stock your own bar to cut costs.  You can show your wedding & honeymoon images on a big screen plus get a second round of wedding gifts.  It’s a unique opportunity to break out your wedding dress for more  photos + get a second Wedding Cake!

Offseason Beach Weddings Ocean City Maryland

4) Have an Offseason or Weekday Wedding

Early spring & late fall have sweet hotel deals and a quiet beach. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are best for beach weddings. Weekdays also weed out fringe guests that can decline due to work (but still send a gift!)  Your inner circle should attend the wedding regardless of date or time.  Winter weddings have the best hotel rates.   Maryland beaches can hit 70 degrees in November and March.   Add flair with a chic beach wedding coat and boots!

Elope to Bethany Beach Delaware

3)  Elope to the Beach

Eloping is the new trend in weddings. The only requirements for a romantic ceremony are the bride, groom, marriage license & officiant.  An amazing photo to frame is the icing on the cake.  There are plenty of free public beaches that are very peaceful at sunrise and sunset.  Couples should be able to get legally married with a half-hour of professional photos for under $1000. Some elopers bring their parents and/or children with them.  After the ceremony, you can have a nice family beach portrait!

Get Ordained to perform Maryland Weddings

2) Ask a Friend to Officiate Your Ceremony

Asking a friend or loved one to Officiate your wedding can add a personal touch and save $500. Online ordination can be risky.  Help your friend get ordained properly so the marriage will be legally recognized in your state. If your wedding is in Ocean City or on Assateague Island, your Officiant needs a Maryland Wedding Ordination Certificate.

Beach Wedding & Honeymoon Rox

1) Combine your Wedding & Honeymoon

You’ve chosen a beautiful destination for your beach wedding.  Why not enjoy the romantic ambiance for a few more days after your guests have left. Especially if you’re already paying for an expensive flight. If it’s a weekend wedding, you’ll probably get a discount on your room as soon as Sunday night. The cost of the destination wedding is usually offset by a smaller guest list.  Be sure to let your hotel know you just got married.  The best Honeymoon  venues will send complimentary champagne or a gift basket!