What is the best location?

As close to where you are staying as possible.  This will give you access to a mirror, bathroom & air conditioning up until the last possible moment.  We can usually set up on the beach right in front of your hotel, condo or beach house. Our complimentary service area includes Ocean City,  Bethany Beach & Fenwick Island& the Assateague State Park.
Travel fees apply to the following ceremony sites:

Lewes, DE                     $200
Rehoboth  Beach          $80
Dewey Beach                 $80
Assateague State Park  $40

Most of the MD & DE beaches are similar – for the best experience, timing is more important than location.

What are the best times?

Sunrise and sunset are the most popular times.

From Memorial Day until Labor Day, weddings are not permitted from 9 AM until 5:30 PM. Weekdays are less crowded than weekends. If you want the beach entirely to yourself, we recommend sunrise. Saturdays in the spring, summer & fall are extremely busy- book well in advance if you know your date. Beach Set Up is not available on Sundays and Sunday ceremonies must be in the morning. Beach Wedding season begins on St. Patrick’s Day and ends the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving.

How can I save money?

  • Take advantage of our weekday discount.
  • Ocean City, MD is a beautiful Free Beach with  free parking & no hidden fees.  The DE and Assateague beaches  require additional permits/government fees.
  • Have an intimate ceremony at the beach and your reception back home. This helps control costs + no one will feel left out.  Show off your wedding images on a big screen tv + enjoy a second round of gifts!
  • Have a morning ceremony.  Buying breakfast for your guests is less expensive than dinner & drinks.

What if it rains?

Don’t lose sleep over the weather – rain or shine, you won’t leave the beach without a ring on your finger. The beaches of MD & DE are usually blessed with abundant sunshine during the wedding season. We will do our best to work with you and the weather. Many summer showers are brief and clear up quickly -you may see a rainbow!  We may be able to change the time, date or location.  You’re responsible to have a room in Ocean City available to use for the ceremony if there is a storm. We can move the archway, table, music & runner inside.

Who takes the pictures?

Over the past decade we’ve assembled a talented staff of local artists. We feature their profiles on our website.  Photography Director Cassandra Rox oversees all wedding photo & video assignments.  She processes the incoming images, ships them to clients and creates the online wedding galleries.

Who is the Emergency Photographer?

Accidents happen.  Beach traffic is unpredictable.  Cassandra only shoots a few weddings per month so she can serve as the full time emergency photographer. Her images have been featured on three Beach Wedding Catalog covers and the front cover of the 2013 Ocean City Visitor’s Guide.  She lives in downtown OC and can bicycle to some weddings if disaster strikes.

When will you receive your images?

Online Galleries usually take about 2 weeks to fully edit. Cassandra will e-mail you the link when they are ready.  You may download or print images from your High Resolution Image file.  Prints can be purchased directly from your online gallery. Video DVDs take about one month to complete and will arrive via first class mail.

Would you recommend an extra hour of Photography?

Definitely!  An extra hour of photography insures you get the images you deserve – we can meet you in your room for pre ceremony Glamour Shots or take you to the bay for sunset pics! Many of the most memorable images are taken before the wedding even begins:

  • Portraits from your balcony
  • Bridesmaid Poses
  • Fun with hair, nails, makeup & dress
  • Pre Ceremony Bridesmaid Toasts

If you’re planning solo glamour shots or extensive Family Pics, we definitely recommend those poses prior to your ceremony.   Bring your Santa Hats for Brilliant Holiday Card images!

Are friends and family allowed to take pictures during the ceremony?

No one is permitted to stand directly behind our photographers or directly in front of them while they are shooting.  This helps prevent shadows and keeps guests from accidentally “photobombing” your pictures while shooting from the opposite direction.  Our Photographers should have a Rox shirt on so they are easy to identify.

Can my images be published?

You may publish your images in the original form that we sent them to you.  You may post them in their original form  to your social media.  You may print them in their original form.

We own the copyright to the images. We reserve the right to publish any images that we create.

We usually post an image from each wedding to our Facebook page. We reserve the right to use the images we create in our marketing materials.  If you would not like any  of our images from your wedding published, please let us know in writing prior to your wedding.  Please let us know If you would like an image removed from our social media pages or website.

What time will we arrive?

The Officiant  usually arrives on the beach about 20 minutes before the scheduled ceremony time.  The groom is to be on the beach with the Marriage License 20 minutes prior to the ceremony.  If it is a Delaware license, please make sure both witnesses have signed all 3 copies of the license beforehand (MD does not require witnesses). The beach set up team usually arrives at least 40 minutes prior to the ceremony (sometimes much earlier) depending on the schedule and the amount of chairs.

Are postponements or cancellations allowed?

A single postponement is permitted if it is requested in writing at least 60 days prior to your original wedding date.  The non-refundable balance must be paid in full by the original due date to enact the postponement. The new date must be contracted by the original wedding date.   Cancellations are permitted at least 60 days prior to your wedding date.  The 25% retainer is non-refundable. Any additional payments in excess of the 25% retainer can be returned.  Cancellations within 60 days of your event are not permitted.  Final payments are due at least 60 days prior to your event.

What if I’m late for my Wedding?

Our staff takes pride in their punctuality and we expect our couples to reciprocate the same courtesy. Either the bride or groom must be at the ceremony site WITH the Marriage License 20 minutes prior to the ceremony. Photo and video will commence at the contracted time even if you are late.  This may require you to purchase additional time to get all of the images you deserve.

Do you offer complimentary Honeymoon Planning with your packages?

Yes! A free honeymoon consultation is included with all of our Ceremony packages. We are also available for exotic & adventurous Destination Weddings in the winter. Working on Cruise Ships helped us visit 45 countries on 6 continents + write the Ports of Call column for the Coconut Times. We can customize an itinerary, plan, officiate & photograph your wedding anywhere in the world. Then we can film & immortalize portions of your honeymoon. It’s like having your own personal documentary crew! Imagine saying “I Do” while Jet Skiing in Bora Bora, Climbing the Egyptian Pyramids, at Sunrise on Machu Picchu, Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps or in a Hot Air Balloon over Victoria Falls – you may even become Famous!

Please read our Terms & Conditions before you finalize your reservation.

Image Copyrights

You may share and print the images that we send to you.

Rox retains the copyright to the images.We may use them in our marketing materials. If you don’t want any images published, please let us know in writing prior to your wedding.


We buy excellent chairs that have never broken during a wedding. Guests are not allowed to stand on our chairs.

Our chairs are for use by guests that weigh less than 300 lbs.

Rox is not responsible for any injury that occurs to guests exceeding that weight or to guests that stand on our chairs.

Limitation of Liability

We are blessed that a major accident or equipment failure has not occurred during our 12 years of weddings.

In the unlikely event of an accident or equipment failure, our total liability is limited to the dollar amount paid to Rox by the client

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