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Assateague Island Wedding Packages

 Assateague Wedding Permits

An Assateague Island Marriage License is $35.

The State Park doesn’t require permits but you must contact them a week before the wedding (410-260-8367).  Guests pay a fee of $8 per vehicle.

The National Seashore needs a  Special Use Permit (non-refundable $50 fee).  If approved, you get 2 permits to sign & return before receiving your documents.  It takes weeks and doesn’t include exclusive use of the area.

Assateague State Park Weddings

 To reach Assateague State park, follow Route 611 to the Verrazano Bridge.  Cross the  Bridge and drive a mile until the road dead ends at a roundabout. Make the last right turn and pay your entrance fee at the toll gate.  Once you park, you’ll see a single structure that houses bathrooms, changing areas and a lifeguard station. There is a wooden pathway to the right of this  structure. Walk along the path to the fence at the crest of the hill. On the other side of the dune is where the Assateague Beach Wedding will be.  The state park has real bathrooms & relatively clean changing facilities.

Assateague Wedding Stories

Assateague Island State Park Wedding
Jeremy & Jennifer of Crestwood, KY
Trash the Wedding Dress

100% pure perfection & professionalism! My husband and I said our I do’s 6/10/16 on the Assateague State Park beach. We could not have asked for a better group of people to surround us during the whole experience. I say that with more than any normal person as our photographer had to watch everyone help “Trash the Dress”! She loved it as much as we did 🙂

As I met Sean for the first time, he smiled as sweetly as can be, looked me in my eye with passion and asked “Are you ready”? Then he made a small comment about how amazing the whole set up looked and instantly made any fear go away! If we had to do it all over again with NO budget and OR knowing what we do now, I would still be calling Rox Beach Weddings! This company will ALWAYS be recommended by The Lynn’s!

Assateague Island State Park Wedding
Christina & Justin of Pittsburgh, PA

My husband and I wanted a small beach wedding for immediate family. I found Sean on the internet, I called Rox Beach Weddings to inquire and they sent me a book in the mail. I talked to my husband after we looked over the book and decided to book Sean for our wedding. Sean married us at 7am on Saturday, June 28, 2014 on Assateague Island. I could not have asked for a more perfect wedding! The weather was beautiful! Sean was awesome, he talked me through the whole ceremony and he was super nice and dealt with my numerous phone calls before the wedding. The photos were absolutely beautiful!! Everything was truly perfect, Sean and Cassandra made it super easy to plan my wedding! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rox Beach Weddings to anyone getting married! Thank you again Sean and Cassandra for a perfect wedding!

Assateague Island Wedding
Megan of Herminie, PA

My husband and I were married June 19, 2013 on Assateague Island and we could not have been happier with the job Rox Beach Weddings did with our ceremony. Sean was easy to contact through out the entire process and was always prompt at returning our phone calls or emails. They provided us with materials to plan the ceremony and had all of the music arranged for the ceremony and first dance on the beach. The entire ceremony from start to finish ran so smoothly and it truly was our dream wedding. And I was beyond happy with the photographer and how well our wedding photos turned out! I have had countless compliments on the photographs and am so glad we opted for the extra hour of photography. I would recommend Rox Beach Weddings to anyone thinking of having a beach wedding, it was absolutely the wedding of my dreams!

Is the State or Federal side better for Weddings?

Assateague Island is a beautiful spot for beach weddings. It is a 37 mile Island that begins in Maryland and stretches south into Virginia.  The MD portion is 25 miles long and beach weddings take place on the northern tip.  The state side is mostly beach &  the federal side has lovely marshes and walking trails.  You can see a pony at either park.

The State Park is better for couples not familiar with Assateague.  The fees are lower, it’s easier to find and the restrooms are nicer.

The Federal Side (National Seashore) is best for campers, brides with dogs in the wedding or couples that would like to have a bonfire on the island.

Is Assateague Island good for Weddings?

It’s 50/50 you’ll see a wild pony!  If you are that fortunate please use caution and never feed the ponies. You’ll have beautiful photo opportunities but there are some drawbacks.

It’s a  40 minute car ride from downtown OC in the summer.  There are no hotels or restaurants on the island.  The wedding party will need to book a wedding venue in Ocean City or camp out on the island.  Brides getting married on Assateague Island should have a back up plan in case there is a storm.   Cell phone and gps can be spotty on Assateague.  make sure your guests allow plenty of time to arrive.  If you’ve never been to Assateague, an Ocean City beach wedding may be a safer choice.  The best time for an Assateague wedding is close to sunset.

Is Assateague the same as Chincoteague?

Chincoteague is part of Assateague Island but they are not the same.  Chincoteague is in Virginia and the Assateague State Park is in Maryland. Chincoteague beach weddings take place on the southern tip of the island and have their own set of rules.Are Beach Weddings allowed on Chincoteague?

Yes. A  wedding permit is required to get married on the beach.  Permits  are issued by the National Wildlife Refuge system.  Decorations may be set up an hour prior to the ceremony.  They must be taken down an hour after the wedding is completed.  The permit can be requested three months prior to the ceremony but no later than two weeks before the scheduled wedding date.  The permit is free.  All guests must pay park fees to enter.

Chincoteague is on the Virginia side of Assateague and also has wild ponies. Weekday Wedding Packages are available on Chincoteague but there is a $100 travel fee.

Where are Chincoteague Beach Weddings held?

There is one main beach for swimming and recreation that has lifeguards.  Most of the Chincoteague weddings take place here.  When you pass the park station to the main entrance, there is a small stretch of sand to the left.  Your guests will easily be able to find the  ceremony site. The right side is a bit more vast. Our beach wedding tips are full of ideas to reduce stress and stay under budget.