Beach Bride Questions

Where are the Ceremonies?

We bring the wedding to you!
We recommend as close to where you’re staying as possible.
Our complimentary service area includes Ocean City Maryland,
Assateague State Park, Fenwick Island and Bethany Beach, DE.
We usually get as close to the water as we can without getting wet.


What if it Rains?

Win a Free Beach Wedding from Rox

We’ll do our best to work with you & the weather.
Sometimes we can change the time or reschedule.
If it looks like rain, we’ll work together for the best solution.
Remember, you can’t have a rainbow without some rain!


Is the Ceremony Legally Binding?

Yes, our weddings are the real deal.  Wedding Officiant
Sean Rox has a legally registered Ministry in Maryland.

Save your date with the Ocean City Wedding Minister

He’s recognized to perform weddings by the state of Delaware.
Rox has been OC’s original beach wedding service since 2006.


Who takes the Portraits?

Cassandra Rox is the Photography Director.  She shoots about
half of  the weddings and her amazing staff handles the rest.
The images take about two weeks to process.  Cassandra will
e-mail them to you in a high resolution digital file.  You may
download or print directly from the file – no hidden fees!

Postponements & Cancellations?

The initial payment of $225 is non-refundable.
Final non-refundable balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding.

The last day to cancel is 30 days prior to your wedding.
Payments made within 30 days of  your wedding are not refundable.

A single postponement is allowed.
Your final balance must be paid to enact the postponement.
Postponement requests must be received  30 days before your wedding.

Make an Ocean City Wedding Minister Payment

Image Copyrights

You may share and print the images that we send to you.
Rox retains the copyright to the images.
We may use a few  in our marketing materials.

If you don’t want any images published,
please let us know in writing prior to your wedding.


Limitation of Liability

During our 16 years of weddings, we’re blessed no
major accidents or equipment failures have occurred.

In the unlikely event of an accident or equipment failure, our
total liability is limited to the dollar amount paid to Rox by the client.

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