Beach Wedding Fashion Tips for the Groom

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Beach Wedding Fashion

Beach Wedding Grooms need to be Stylish and Comfortable

Much has been written about Beach Bride Fashion, but what about the Groom?   Your typical Beach Groom may have only spent a few days of his life on the romantic sands of the Atlantic Ocean and may need some guidance.   Essentially there are two types of dress for a Beach Wedding:  Beach Casual or Formal.   There is no right or wrong choice.  Here in Ocean City Maryland and neighboring Bethany Beach Delaware,   we have noticed some trends.  Larger wedding  (30 or more guests) tend to have dressier weekend ceremonies followed by a reception. Usually these will have wedding parties and the groomsmen will be expected to coordinate with the Bridesmaids.  The more intimate ceremonies and elopements often opt for a  laid back approach with a simple and fun meal at their favorite restaurant with their favorite people.
If you choose the formal route,  remember that comfort is equally as important as fashion.  During the summer season Ocean City and other mid Atlantic beaches experience ninety degree heat in the middle of the day.  The temperatures are significantly cooler in the morning and late afternoon but the sun still needs to be accounted for.  No Groom wants to be a You Tube sensation for fainting during their ceremony because they weren’t prepared for the heat.   Here are 5 tips to looking dapper yet remaining cool at your Beach Wedding:

1)   Wear light colors.  Dark suits attract sunlight and retain heat.  Spring for a  Khaki, White, light grey or soft blue ensemble to reflect the sun’s rays.  Avoid black in the summer.  Sunrise is the only time of day you’ll be cool enough to wear dark fabrics.

2)  Ditch the long sleeved jacket and opt for a stylish vest.  You’ll be amazed how this will cool your core temperature as well as giving you more mobility and flexibility at the wedding.

3)  Speaking of sleeves,  beach style allows for a tie to be worn with a short sleeve shirt.  Make sure to wear an undershirt to absorb any sweat.    My choice is a white Under Armor short sleeved compression top.  The sleeves are very short and ride up enough that they won’t be seen under my short sleeve dress shirt.

4)  Leaves your shoes behind.   The best way to navigate the sand and let the fresh ocean air cool your toes is to walk the aisle in bare feet.  If you’re squeamish about getting sand on your toes,  buy a pair of  beachy  sandals that go with your outfit.

5) Bring sunglasses.  You probably won’t wear them during the ceremony (some couples do), but you’ll need them to protect your eyes while on your on the beach prior to the ceremony.  If your wedding is in the late afternoon or sunset  you will be staring directly into the sun as you’re looking up the beach.  This can cause bizarre facial expressions as you’ll be squinting at seated guests who will be facing the ocean and the groomsmen.  Beach Etiquette allows for the  groom and his entourage to keep their protective eyewear on until the bride hits the sand.   Once Here Comes the Bride (or whichever Wedding March is chosen) begins playing,  it is customary for sunglasses to be removed.

Beach Casual attire usually consist of a pair of light colored pants or shorts and either a comfortable button down shirt or short sleeved polo. Ring bearers tend to fare better in shorts as they won’t trip over their pants. Whatever you decide on make sure to have fun and keep smiling for the pictures!

As a Beach Wedding Officiant, I have the pleasure of spending over 100 days a year on the sand- often in a tie.  Officiants always end up in the  wedding photos and videos, so it is imperative we are dressed appropriately.  If the groom wears a tie, then so do I- that is the general rule.   If you’re planning a Beach Wedding in Maryland or Delaware, make sure you order your free Beach Wedding Catalog to see the latest in Beach Wedding Fashion trends!

Beach Wedding Fashion

Beach Casual or Formal – which Style is best for Your Wedding Ceremony?


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