Bethany Beach Weddings

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We’ll go over how to get your Marriage License, Permits and the OC Bridal Show. We’ll go over the best time for your ceremony and the best places to stay.   This short video give you an overview of what to expect at a Bethany Beach wedding:

Do you need a Bethany Beach Wedding Permit?

Yes, ceremonies on any public space require a permit.  Bethany is the most “Wedding Friendly” of the Sussex Delaware beaches and getting a permit is easy (and Free!)  Just complete this simple one page form and send it to the Town Manager.  You should get a response in about 10 days.

Try to have the ceremony as close to where you’re staying as possible.
Summer & weekend parking is tricky.  Avoid driving on your wedding day.
Beach Weddings should be after lifeguard hours (5:30 pm in the summer).

Bethany Beach Wedding Officiants must be registered with the state.

When should you apply for a
Bethany Beach Marriage License?

You may apply for your DE Marriage License as soon as thirty days before your wedding. Couples may apply in person or online.  If you apply online, you’ll still have to pick it up at the Courthouse:

Sussex County Clerk
2 The Circle  Room 226
Georgetown, DE  19947

The fee for Delaware residents is $50. Out of state applicants pay $100.
The waiting period to use your License is one day after it is issued.

Where are the Best Wedding Beaches in Delaware?

Bethany is known as Delaware’s “Quiet Beach”.  With few hotels along its gorgeous coast, families flock to beautiful beach houses with spectacular views. There are 5 main beach wedding locations:

  • Central Boardwalk Beaches
  • South Atlantic & Sea Colony
  • North Atlantic & Ocean Ridge
  • S. Bethany & Fenwick Island
  • North Bethany & Indian River

Our Ceremony Packages are mobile – we bring the Wedding to you!

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Bethany Beach Weather Forecast

Bethany’s Central Boardwalk

The boardwalk is Bethany Beach’s main attraction.  It’s seaside boutiques, vibrant restaurants and family friendly entertainment make it a popular summer destination. Couples planning a boardwalk wedding should consider the Residence Inn by Marriott on Hollywood Street.  Its the top venue on the boards for Bethany Beach Brides.  The best downtown restaurants are:

South Atlantic & Sea Colony Weddings

Lovely beaches lie on South Atlantic Drive.  They begin on Wellington Pkwy and end a mile later at Sea Colony.  Sea Colony is a beautiful resort with recreation for the whole family.  Only guests can get married on the Sea Colony beach.  These public beaches are beautiful for Bethany weddings:

  • Oakwood
  • Maplewood
  • Ashwood
  • Cedarwood

Couples can rent a Bethany Beach House or stay at the Holiday Inn Express.

North Atlantic & Ocean Ridge

North Atlantic Drive & Surf Road have quiet beaches  within walking distance of the boardwalk. It’s home to one of Bethany’s best beach wedding venues – a Victorian era Bed & Breakfast called the Addy Sea.  Further north there are semi-private communities with beach homes for rent.  These secluded beaches are lovely for pet friendly weddings, elopements & vow renewals:

North Bethany & Indian River Weddings

North Bethany is the most serene part of the “Quiet Beach” and probably the most expensive.  Bethany ends at the Delaware Seashore State Park.  Beach Weddings may take place near the Indian River Inlet and Bridge.  Campground weddings are available in the Park.  The top Wedding Venues in North Bethany Beach are:

What are Bethany Beach’s Best Wedding Venues?

We’ve covered the ocean side hotels and restaurants.  The largest wedding venues in Southern Delaware are a few miles west of the beach.  Brides planning a large wedding reception with over 100 guests should research these venues:

Most Bethany Beach weddings have about 15 guests.  The ceremonies average 10 minutes and are followed by a nice dinner at a convenient restaurant.  Beach Brides often have a second reception at home a few weeks after they elope.

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Real Bethany Beach Wedding Stories

Wedding at Bethany Beach Suites
Sarah & Dallas of Marcy, NY

The best experience I could have asked for

I purchased a Bethany Beach wedding package with the photographer included. Sean was fantastic, called me the day before the wedding to make sure we were set (and always answered my phone calls prior to that whenever I had any questions). Lisa was our photographer and she was amazing. She really went above and beyond to make sure I got the best pictures, and I loved every single one of them. On top of everything running perfectly, we had gorgeous weather for it. It was just the perfect day, and it really couldn’t have went any better.

We would recommend Rox Beach weddings to anyone! I always wanted a beach wedding, I love the beach and my husband liked the idea too. We were a little nervous about having to run back and forth, However we didn’t have to make any extra trips. Sean and Cassandra were helping us through with every question we had. I called so many times each time they were happy to help ( even though if I were them I would have been annoyed). I was concerned about the weather due to the hurricanes. We were getting married even if a hurricane hit, we did not care. We had perfect weather and everything was easy. Sean and Cassandra were happy to answer any questions and they literally walk you through the whole process. They make it stress free! We loved them and Thank them for everything they did for us! They were awesome and we love our photos! We would recommend Rox Beach weddings to anyone who wants a beautiful stress free Bethany Beach wedding.

Tyler & Tara of Montoursville, PA

Bethany Beach Wedding
Brian & Cassidy of Hollidaysburg, PA

I’m so happy I hired Rox Beach Weddings to do our Bethany Beach wedding. Now a month married, I look at my wedding pictures often. Sean Rox was so relaxed, it scared me a little bit–but he went over everything a day before and put us right at ease as I walked down the aisle. We wanted a very chill and laid back affair–and that’s exactly what we got. He walked us through the ceremony really quickly before we started. I was so nervous, and he put me at ease. We messed up a couple times, but I guess that was okay. Our families adored the sweet and simple ceremony and I would not hesitate to hire them again.

The photos the photographer Christy took were great if you are looking for a photographer for our ocean photos, we just upgraded our photos and love how the pictures turned out. Christy the photographer was great at handling my very bossy family. She had some great ideas and then asked if we had any ideas of our own. So if there are pinterest ideas you have, she was open and receptive to any ideas we had and was fantastic. I’m so happy I hired them and would highly recommend.

Oakwood St. Wedding Bethany Beach
Hali & Cody of Columbia, PA

We recently got married on August 31st, and our wedding turn out so amazing!!! And I couldn’t have done it without Sean and Cassandra! They were so nice and pleasant to work with. And you can’t beat the price! I would recommend a Friday wedding because the prices were cheaper! I also would recommend oakwood street in Bethany beach. I one hundred percent recommend Rox beach weddings!!

Bethany Beach Wedding at Oakwood Street

My husband and I were married July 2, 2013 in Bethany Beach, DE. We had found Rox doing a search online. We found their prices to be very reasonable and inquired about our wedding. Sean was very quick in responding to my emails. We immediately decided Rox was for us. I didn’t want to put much footwork into finding all of the pieces that go into a wedding, and Rox Weddings took care of all of that for us already. Sean answered all of my “silly” questions and eased all of my wedding worries. Our photographer was fantastic, and our pictures are great. Besides the sprinkle of rain, this day could not have gone any better. Our wedding was just what I had envisioned. I would recommend Rox to anyone getting married in Bethany Beach. They have great customer service and will make your day special for sure. Thanks again!!

Bethany Beach Wedding on Oakwood St.
Sherri & Jeffrey of Hummelstown, PA

On July 26, 2013 my husband and I got married in Bethany Beach, DE. Sean and Cassandra were amazing. It was the most perfect day. We did a 5:00 p.m. wedding on Oakwood Street (which was Seans recommondation) and it was a beautiful spot. At 5:00 p.m. the beach still had a little more people on it than we thought might be there, so our guest list quickly went from 30 to 100. But no worries….. all the beach people were so nice and treated us like stars! LOL Our beach set up was so pretty and Cassandra did an awesome job with our pictures. Our guest were impressed as well. Thank You Sean and Cassandra for making our special day, EXTRA SPECIAL!

Bethany Beach Wedding Officiant Sean Rox

Sean Rox is a wonderful Officiant. From the initial inquiry, we felt an immediate connection, which was positive and warm. He is very down-to-earth and experienced. During the ceremony, he set the mood to calm the nerves of my wife and I. In addition, he was able to keep the ceremony traditional as intimate a beach wedding can be. We were impressed with Sean and Cassandra’s service. The ceremony was wonderful because it was not the typical boring wedding ceremony, it was on the beach with just Sean, the photographer, and my bride and I. I especially appreciated that he came prepared with items needed for the wedding and he even helped with tying a classic Windsor knot for my tie. He was able to perform an exquisite wedding in Bethany Beach, Delaware on the beach where my wife and I enjoyed the most memorable moments of our lives, thus far, and able to share it with intrigued onlookers. Saying thank you does not even begin to encompass our gratitude for Sean and Cassandra Rox excellent and genuine service, and we will recommend them gladly to all. However, we do not want to limit them to Best Bethany Beach Wedding Services but “Beach Weddings of a Lifetime”.