Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Hola!  Welcome to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We stopped here in January of 2005 during our South American tour.  Buenos Aires is a vibrant city of 13 million located on

 Performers in Caminito La Boca dance the Tango

Performers in Caminito La Boca dance the Tango

the Ria de Plata estuary.  Our room was right on the water and we got some great photos during a huge storm that hit.  The city has a very European flavor and has been nicknamed the Paris of South America based on its impressive architechture.  This is a city on the rise.  The streets are lined with outdoor cafes and coffee shops.
We discovered some fantastic restaurants.  Argentina boasts the best beef in the world. Gauchos (Argentine Cowboys) work the herds of the Pamplas region to deliver filet mignon that melts in your mouth.  The premier restaurant district in the city is Puerto Madero overlooking the waterfront.  Our favorite spot was Patagonia.  This trendy spot features traditional Latin music on the weekends and live Tango dancing to entertain you throughout the evening.  If you’re feeling frisky, you can even join in the show.  The traditional Argentinian fare was tremendous!
Shopping in downtown Buenos Aires is spectacular.  Recoleta offers the most stylish boutiques.  The Recoleta Plaza Francia offers an amazing handcraft market with outstanding prices.  Leather goods are very inexpensive in Argentina.  We were able to get measured for custom jackets, pants and belts and have them delivered to our hotel the next morning for a third of the cost of a U.S. outlet.  Cass was rocking a pair of babyblue leather pants the very next evening.  My treat was a pair of black and red Alligator shoes I had specially designed at the Emilio Bianco shop.  The prices were just too low not to take advantage of.  Cass and I have shopped the world, and Buenos Aires offers the best quality and value for your dollar that you’ll find anywhere.

We took a few days to explore the sights of the city center.  The taxis are all yellow and green Mercedes.  The main road is the Avenida de Julio.  At 1 kilometre wide, this 12-lane highway is the world’s widest road.  It takes over 2 minutes to cross by foot.  We usually hoofed it through the city.  Our favorite spot was the Caminito La Boca district.  This is the origin on the Tango.  Street performers dance the Tango around the clock in front of the brightly coloured buildings.  We definitely recommend taking Tango lessons while you are there- it’s an unforgettable experience!  During another Tango show that evening, we even had our pictures transformed into the traditional local souvenir (they superimpose your heads on a couple performing the Tango).
Nearby La Boca is the Boca Soccer Stadium, affectionately known as “La Bombanero”.  Soccer is the national sport here and the team colours are baby blue and white.  I picked up a jersey to try to blend in with the locals.  This is one of the premier sporting venues on the continent and an extremely popular tourist attraction.
Buenos Aires is a 14-hour flight from Washington.  They are two hours ahead of OC.  The currency is the Argentinian Peso and a U.S. dollar gets you about three of them.  The locals speak Spanish, but most of the city dwellers speak decent English as well as some Portuguese.  The city is safe, beautiful and fairly inexpensive.  It is blessed with a wonderful climate that produces excellent wines.  We loved this city and will definitely try to hit it again someday.  Cruise ships now utilize the port and provide a great way to see the city.  Adios!
– Los Rox

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