Buzios, Brazil

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Ola (Hello in Portuguese) Ocean City!  Brazil has always been famous for its beaches. While Copacabana and Ipanema have enjoyed most of the notoriety, the up and coming resort of Buzious is pushing its way into the spotlight.
Originally settled by pirates and slave traders, some made these Búzios beaches their home and prospered. Fishing and especially whaling became a way of life. Officially named Armação dos Búzios, Búzios is the name of a cute conch shell, and the name given to the way a fortune teller who uses the same shells, tells your future. Búzios is located just two and a half hours up the Atlantic coast from Rio de Janeiro. It would stay a sleepy town for centuries.
In 1964 Starlet Brigitte Bardot traveled to Rio to visit the home country of then boyfriend Bob Zagury, and decided to holiday in Brazil before returning home to Paris. A photographer suggested Búzios, and Bardot and her boyfriend set out to visit. That’s all it took to put Búzios on the map – with the help of the world media, Búzios was immediately in the limelight. Known as “the playground of the rich,” Búzios is a peninsula of mountains, and beaches are present between almost every one of them.
More than twenty different nations live in harmony in Búzios. They come to Búzios for the beaches, the shopping, the beautiful people and the jet set nightlife that has transformed this quaint Brazilian fishing village into a sought-out beach destination. Búzios’ center is the famous Rua das Pedras- Street of Stone (which it really is – flagstone). Búzios boasts fine boutiques and art galleries.  At night Búzios really comes alive with great bars and world class restaurants. Every night, even in the traditional off-season, you’ll find live music and small discos coming alive and going into the early hours of the next day.
With its wealth of secluded beaches, bars and surf, we saw almost every water sport – sailing, surfing, windsurfing, diving, kite boarding (very cool), kayaking, snorkeling, scuba and water skiing. Trekking and fishing are big pastimes as well. Búzios is a sophisticated resort, where elegance, beauty and leisure are in perfect harmony with nature.
Cassandra and I enjoyed the drive down the gorgeous coastline from Rio.  As you get near the outskirts you can see Cruise Ships bobbing up and down on the water (that always makes us feel at home).  This was the most relaxed beach that we visited in Brazil.  It was fantastic to be able to dine at a restaurant right on the beach under the coconut trees. The fresh local seafood is spectacular – you can actually watch the native fishermen on the hunt throughout the day.  This was a true beach party. Festive music kept people dancing in the water and on the beach. It’s an ideal place to “people watch”. The town’s local market offered great opportunities to barter with the locals for souvenirs and trinkets.  The locals who don’t fish make their money from tourism.
Buzios proved to be an exoticly rustic destination that we truly enjoyed. The water is a  pristine blue (much cleaner than Copacabana) and the pace of life is much slower than Rio – almost Mediterranean.  The diving there is one of the top spots of the Brazilian coastline. The temperture was in the upper 70’s during our January visit.  Buzios is 3 hours ahead of Ocean City Time. The language is Portuguese. We arrived via an 11-hour flight from Chicago to Rio and then booked a ride up the coast.  We definitely recommend this true South American treasure to everyone. Boa Noite!
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