How to Choose an Ocean City Beach Wedding Officiant

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Ocean City Beach Wedding Officiant

Follow These Important Tips When Choosing your Ocean City Beach Wedding Officiant

Officiating a Beach Wedding Ceremony requires a different skill set than  your traditional indoor nuptials.   Some brides may be nervous about having an outdoor ceremony,  but the reward of spectacular waterfront images far outweigh any risk.  Indoor photo and video of your ceremony just can’t compete with an ocean backdrop.  Once you’ve decided to tie the knot in Ocean City Maryland, you’ll need someone local to help you with your Marriage License,  serve as a liaison with government officials, help you customize your vows and coordinate your Ceremony- that’s why choosing a qualified Beach Wedding Officiant is so critical.  There is an important distinction between a Minister and an Officiant.  Wedding Ministers usually work indoors in a venue they are familiar with and have the assistance of a microphone.  Ministers usually do not assist with the day of coordination.   Officiants help line up the wedding party, coordinate with the dj or musician and assist with the timing to ensure everyone is where they need to be and your wedding runs smoothly.
An important requirement for an Officiant to perform on the beach of Ocean City is a strong and healthy voice.  Unlike an indoor venue, the ocean’s waves and wind produce a symphony of background sounds that must be navigated.  Microphones are NOT permitted on Ocean City MD’s beach.  It is imperative that your Officiant has a powerful enough voice to be heard or else your guests will not hear nor remember your unique ceremony.  On a warm day maintaining the perfect annunciation and volume can be a challenge- having a healthy set of vocal chords is a must. Mobility is also a factor as  ceremony coordination requires several trips up and down the  beach.  Punctuality is also extremely important.  Traffic can be unpredictable in Ocean City during the busy season.  If your Officiant  lives on the OC peninsula, there will not be any problems if  the route 50 or 90 bridges are unexpectedly shut down. Authentic Ocean City Businesses will have 21842 zip code on their mailing address and a (410) area code for their business phone.
Finally, make you sure you do your homework when researching Ocean City Wedding Officiants.  Have you seen several of their wedding videos?  Do they have an Ocean City Business License?  Do they answer your phone calls and e-mails quickly?  Do they have referrals? Do they smoke?   These are important questions and  background checks you’ll need to make before deciding who you can trust with your once in a lifetime Ocean City Beach Wedding.

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