Cozumel, Mexico

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Hola!  Welcome to Cozumel, Mexico.  During our years working on Cruise Ships,  Cozumel was always the most entertaining port for the crew.  As one of the most visited ports in the Caribbean, there are always plenty of ships docked there on any given day.  When you work on ships, you have a tendency to get relocated from one ship to another during your contract. They just send you where they need you most- no questions asked. That means you meet a lot of friends who end up working on different ships. Cozumel is the great “melting pot” for old aquaintances to get together and catch up.
Each Cozumel morning, we would go to the top deck and see which of our friends would be in town that particular day. In few minutes, the ships would empty out into the terminal. Cozumel has a nice wide dock that allows easy access on and off (unlike tendering which is a royal pain in the rump for the crew). Typically, we’d arrive in Cozumel by 8 am. After brekkie on the Lido deck, it was usually off to the beach for a few games of volleyball. In Cozumel, vendors serve Corona & Dos Equis right on the beach for a dollar a piece. We’d usually grab a bite to eat from one of the beach-side cantinas. After lunch we’d usually go to an internet cafe.  Onboard, there is no access to affordable internet. As you may know, phone call and e-mail charges are ridiculously expensive from the ship. Internet cafes in Cozumel are always flooded with crew members. It’s the cheapest way to call and stay in touch with friends and family.
Once we finished our contacts, the next stop was what we consider one of the world’s great watering holes: The Blue Señor Frog’s atop Carlos N’ Charlies.   Individually these lively bars can be found throughout Mexico and are often the highlight of any trip to the Mexican Riviera.
This location is special and may be the most entertaining spot on the planet!  You get  a double stack of the best that Mexico has to offer. Huge dance tunes play non-stop 24 hours a day.  When you walk in at the crack of noon there are already guests dancing on the tables. Each customer gets a whistle- when you blow on the whistle a waiter comes around and pours Sangria down your throat. Drinks are served in 28-ounce souvenir yards. As the ships tend to leave at around 5 pm, last call for crew is usually around 4. If you are a passenger on the ship, this is a great opportunity to meet the crew in their natural habitat. Oftentimes, crew will have a final farewell drink at the TGIF in front of the pier as they may not see their friends again for a couple of months. In case you’re wondering, there is a separate crew assigned to “port day duty” that actually stays onboard and maintains the ship. It works on a rotation so that every third port, you’re stuck onboard for the entire day.
In addition to its festive cantinas,  Cozumel is a great place to catch some sun.  Water sports are abundunt. We would try to find a place that offered unlimited snorkelling, kayaking, kite surfing & windsurfing for about $20. The diving is a great value for the price – the aquatic life offers a lot to see. My favorite was the giant sea turtles. Cozumel also has miniature golf, go-cart & scooter rentals. There is also a public basketball court which I would frequent regularly. That was great opportunity to play against crew members from all over the world.
Cozumel is an island thirty miles long by 10 miles wide. It is 36 miles south of Cancun and sits directly across from the beautiful beaches of Playa Del Carmen.  Translated, Cozumel is Mayan for “Island of the Swallows”. Most of the population lives in the small town of San Miguel on the western shore. There are about 72,000 year-round inhabitants. The weather always seemed to be around 80 degrees in the winter and it rarely rained. In addition to tourism, the main source of revenue is charter fishing & diving. Technically the currency is the Peso, but everyone takes U.S. dollars. As a tourist town, it is significantly more pricey here than it is further inland. The locals all know basic English, but they may pretend not to when it is convenient for them (like after you’ve paid the taxi driver and they seem to have trouble finding the correct change). For the most part, people were very friendly. By plane, Cozumel is only a few hours from B.W.I, but Cass and I definitely recommend visiting this port via Cruise Ship. You really only need one day to see this town anyway.  Adios mi Amigos!
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