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Welcome to East Sussex England.  Cassandra and I visit this charming destination every year. This January was our sixth trip to the UK together and I can honestly say that I’ve

 Sean & Cassandra stroll the grounds of Michelham Priory

Sean & Cassandra stroll the grounds of Michelham Priory

spent over three months of my life on British soil.  Cass was born in a small village called Ringmer on the southeast coast.  Her parents still live there and we stay with them each time we visit.  In 2005 we were married there at a small castle called Michelham Priory.  Ringmer is located on the outskirts of Lewes.  Lewes is a very historic town with a hilltop castle overlooking the city. It is best known for the celebration of Guy Fawkes Day that was depicted in the Natalie Portman movie “V”.   We witnessed that celebration in 2008 and it was spectacular!  People come from all across England to dress up in costume and parade down the streets carrying a torch in one hand and a pint in the other.
Lewes is centrally located between the two beach resorts of Brighton & Eastbourne.  Eastbourne is more of a family oriented beach that displays a beautiful Carpet Garden along the promenade in the summer months.  There is a beautiful harbor that leads out to the English Channel.  Eastbourne has brilliant restaurants and a smashing shopping district.  Cassandra’s sister Cherrie lives in Eastbourne with her husband Tom and son Tommy.  We get together every year and visit a five star Asian buffet called Cosmos.
Brighton is a party spot.  There is a long pier that juts out in the Channel and offers carnival games, rides, gaming and pubs. In some ways it is similiar to Ocean City’s boardwalk.  Brighton is renowned across the UK for offering the best Fish & Chips on the planet.  The clubs are open late and the city is very tolerant of promiscuous and flamboyant behavior.  The black pebble beach is home to some of the country’s best concerts. Fat Boy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Lily Allen, Blur, Duffy and many more put on summer shows that entertain tens of thousands of young revelers.
Cass and I spend a lot of time traversing East Sussex visiting friends and family.  The beautiful yellow fields and green rolling downs create a unique ambience for the motorways.  Cass’s Aunt Nicola lives on a sheep farm.  It’s an adventure every time we go and I learned that “Sheeping” is very hard work.  I particularly enjoy the food while I’m in England.  Cass’s Mom Angela makes a delightful honey mustard chicken and a scrumptious British Stir Fry.  Grandma Norah lives next door and bakes a delicious assortment of sweets.  Sometimes while the girls are out shopping, Cass’s Dad Ray will take me out to the Little Chef for a classic English brekkie of Bangers & Mash.  They drink tea throughout the day in England, but I haven’t quite caught on to that yet.  I prefer a robust stout from one of the local breweries.  Not only are British beers served in pints, they are usually more powerful than their American counterparts. My favorite is Hobgoblin Ale!

East Sussex is fortunate to bask in a temperate climate.  Winters are mild and it rarely snows.  Except this year.  We were caught in their worst snow storm in eighty years.  An eight-inch blast wreaked havoc on the schools, airports and roads.  The kids were very excited to be out of school and build their first snowmen! We were snowed in for a few days, but we did make it out to  see the Stars on Ice show at the Brighton Pavillion – it had Olympic Skaters from around the globe and was the best Ice Show we had ever seen.
When you think about the beautiful green fields of England and the white cliffs rising above the ocean, this is the place that has it all.  It is one of the most picturesque locales in Europe and we are fortunate to make it here year after year. The people are extremely polite and friendly and the air here is clean.  If you plan to visit, remember that they drive on the left hand side of the road and your U.S. Dollar will take a serious beating against their pound.  Apart from that, it is definitely a place you’ll want to visit (by plane eight hours from Baltimore – there is a five hour time difference between Sussex, England and Sussex, Delaware). Cheers!
– The Rox

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