Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Welcome to Grand Cayman! The Caymans are one of my favorite stops in the Caribbean. Cass and I spent nearly 9 years between us working on cruise ships when we finished school.  Our paths finally crossed in 2001 while working for Carnival on the ms Holiday.  We spent 6 months together on the ship and saw the best the Caribbean has to offer.  Our home ports during that particular run were Puerto Rico, Miami, Mobile and New Orleans.  Cassandra managed the jewelry shop onboard and I was a member of the cruise staff.  I taught volleyball on sea days, hosted karaoke twice a week, hosted passenger shows and events and deejayed the nightclub in the evening.  When the ship was docked in port, Cass and I were off.  We had plenty of time to visit the islands in detail.
Grand Cayman is a British Island.  Like all British Islands, it is run fabulously. The economy is tourism based.  Downtown is comprised of banks and jewelry stores.  The banks are usually empty.  This is because about 95 percent of their transactions are from offshore accounts.  The streets are rarely crowded – usually just tourists from the ships.  You can get great deals on diamonds, gemstones and jewelry at the numerous shops.
The beaches are wonderful and you can see your feet through the baby blue water.  Seven Mile Beach is the most visited.  The most popular destination is Sting Ray City.  This incredible wildlife refuge lets you get up close and personal with the local sting rays.  Over the years they have become domesticated and will usually come right up to you and eat out of your hand (most tour boats will sell you cheap ray food right onboard).  When we took the plunge, the rays swam right around our toes.  I made sure I shuffled my feet through the water so I wouldn’t step on the tail. It is one of the most unique aquatic experiences you will ever find.
Other attractions are Hell (a ghastly rock formation that reminds the natives of the underworld)  and the turtle farm. Turtles are everywhere in the Caymans and are considered a local delicacy. If you want a real “Turtleburger”, this is where you go. Most restaurant menus feature a range of fresh turtle dishes such as turtle soup & salad.  The center of the island is home to the “Mastic Trail”, a hiking trail through the forests that use to cover the entire island.
The weather in Grand Cayman is consistently in the low 80’s during the winter.  Like most Caribbean countries, it rains about 5 minutes a day.  The people are very well educated and friendly.  It is a very safe island and offers plenty of recreation & relaxation. If you are planning a cruise this winter, make sure Grand Cayman is your itinerary and get out and swim with the rays.
– The Rox

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