Iguacu Falls

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Hola!  Welcome to Iguacu Falls!  Iguacu is the largest waterfall in the world.  Taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide, Iguacu is made of over 275 individual falls and pours out ten million liters per second.  The Iguacu River feeds the falls and forms the natural borders between Brazil, Argentina & Paraguay. The river and falls power the massive Itaipu damn that provides hydroelectricity to more people than any other dam in the world.
We took a cruise along the river above the falls.  Paraguay is on the east bank and Brazil is to the west.  Thick rainforest surrounds you on each side. We had never seen and heard so many birds.  Toucans, parrots and macaws line the tree tops.   Tapirs pacas, deer run throughout the flora. If you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of a panther, jaguar or puma.  We were fortunate that our guide spotted a  panther for us in the trees.  The most common resident is coati.  The coati is the Amazon’s version of the racoon.  These playful creatures are found everywhere in the park and love to pose for pictures. Miniature Cayman alligators swim alongside you in the water, but at less than a metre long, they keep their distance.
We stopped in Paraguay at the Bernini outpost.  Bernini was a Swiss explorer believed to be the first European to see the falls.  Paraguay is hot and the foliage is thick.  After a 3-mile hike, we cooled off in the river and descended the nature trail to the falls.  The falls form the geographic border of Argentina & Brazil.  Each side has its perks.  The Argentinian side has a really cool walkway that stretches out over the river and overlooks the falls.  A steady mist rises up over the falls from the impact of the water crashing down.  The Argentinian side is more picturesque, but the view from the Brazillian side is therefore superb.  Each country claims to have the best side of the falls.
Once below the falls, we took a motorboat up towards the “Devil’s Throat”.  You can only get a few hundred metres away or your boat will capsize.  It’s a wild and wet ride and you get to see some amazing rainbows reflecting off of the water.  Iguacu Falls was the highlight of our South American Odyssey.  It is one of the wonders of the world and is absolutely majestic.
We got there via a 13-hour flight from BWI to Sao Paulo.  A short flight from Sao Paolo landed us in the jungles of Igaucu.  This tropical treasure features the best that nature has to offer – an amazing rainforest pulsing with vibrant wildlife and the roar of one the most powerful bodies of water on earth.  Adios
– Los Rox

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