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With temperatures pushing nearly 70 degrees in OC  this winter, Cassandra and I decided to “beat the heat” and head to the mountains of Innsbruck for Christmas. Innsbruck

 Snowboarding at Axamer Lizum

Snowboarding at Axamer Lizum

is Latin for Bridge on the Inn (The main river that carves through the city), the name bequeathed by the Romans in 1267. Innsbruck is most famous for its amazing mountains, beautiful scenery and pure fresh air. Innsbruck is a mecca for skiers and snowboarders. All Austrians who can walk know how to ski – it”s part of the culture. Skiing is the national pastime and Innsbruck is home to some of the world’s premier winter resorts. The Winter Olympics were held here in 1964 & 1976 and this January they’ll host the 2012 Junior Olympics.
We spent two days on the slopes at Axamer Lizum Axamer Lizum tops out at 2343 metres (7,687 ft.) above sea level. There is a beautiful restaurant at the top called the Hoadlhaus Hoadlhaus  is walled in glass so you have unrestricted 360 degree views of the mountain. A ten minute enclosed tram ride takes you from the base to the top. Each tram car holds about 60 skiers. The mountain is so high that the tram actually passes through the clouds on its ascent to the top.
Innsbruck is a beautiful city with two rivers running through it.  It is also home to a modern artistic marvel – the Swarovski Kristallwelten This tribute to crystal celebrates Swarovski’s 100 years of creativity. The museum entrance is a “Giant’s Head” with crystal eyes and a waterfall mouth overlooking a beautiful lake.

The city center of Innsbruck was all decked out for Christmas. Christmas Eve was amazing! There were skating rinks, Christmas Markets, lights, decorations & festive music. Holiday angels swung from the lamp posts and a massive ornamented tree graced the main square. It snowed every day we were there – a truly White Christmas! We left just in time, as some parts of Austria were hit with 18 feet of snow in January that stranded tourists for days.
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