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Laorana, welcome to Moorea!    Moorea is a small mountainous island 9 miles northwest of Tahiti.  Renowned  for its unspoiled awe inspiring landscapes and beaches, it has become a popular Honeymoon destination.  Arthur Frommer of Frommer’s  Travel Guide declared it to be the most beautiful island in the world.  The island was formed from a Volcano about two million years ago. Moorea means “Yellow Lizard” in Tahitian and there is an abundance of exotic wildlife roaming freely across the sparsely inhabited island. Most visitors take a ferry from nearby Tahiti, which is visible from the higher altitudes. They built  a tiny airport in 1967 that is serviced daily by Air Tahiti Nui.
The best place to stay in Moorea is the Intercontinental Resort. This amazing property features several overwater bungalows that sit on a picturesque lagoon protected from the waves of the ocean. We enjoyed strolls over the wooden bridges that connected the pools to the wildlife sanctuaries.  The resort is a safe harbor and breeding ground for endangered sea turtles. They also have a dolphin training centre. Guests have the opportunity to swim with these amazing creatures and learn about their special abilities.
We took a circle island tour in a 4×4 jeep to see the more remote areas of Moorea.  A 62 kiloneter road wraps around the exterior of the island.  The rugged interior requires a powerful vehicle to get you up the mountains. We ascended Mount Tohi’e’a and enjoyed a panoramic vista overlooking Opunohu Bay and Cook’s Bay. After settling in Tahiti, Captain James Cook set sail for Moorea in the 18th Century.  The first European to lay eyes on the island, they named the bay where he landed in his honor.  We also rode up to the lookout of Mount Belvedere. This awe inspiring perch was the setting for the semi-popular Mel Gibson film “The Bounty”;  yet another Hollywood homage to the infamous “Mutiny on the Bounty”  and the legendary Captain Cook.
We also visited the horses in Teavaro Valley and inspected a pineapple plantation. After an arduous day of trekking, we refreshed with a delightful glass of fresh Pineapple juice – straight from the farm.  Sitting on the hilltop overlooking Pao Pao Bay, it was the best glass of Pineapple juice we’ve ever had!
Moorea is a tiny island and you can see it all in a few days. It is remote, pristine and aesthetically superb – the perfect spot to get in touch with nature.  We’re glad we were able to experience this amazing journey to one of the planet’s hidden gems of solitude – it truly was an island paradise!

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