Niagara Falls

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 Quick pic before dinner at the Skylon Tower

Quick pic before dinner at the Skylon Tower

Welcome to Niagara Falls!  Cass and I believe this to be the most picturesque and romantic spot in North America.  Though not as large as Iguassu or Victoria Falls, Niagara’s pure beauty is second to none.  The Falls form the natural barrier between the U.S. and Canada.  New York sits to the southwest and Ontario is on the northwest side of the Falls.  They are connected by the Rainbow Bridge.  The American side has a wonderful view of the Horseshoe Falls, but the action is found in Canada.
The Canadian side is home to luxury hotels, highrises, casinos and restaurants.  We had lunch at the Table Rock that sits right above the water. Our favorite spot is in the Skylon Tower. At the very top level of the tower is Minolta’s Top of the Rainbow – four-time winner of the prestigious Restaurant of the Year award. It is a revolving restaurant that makes a complete 360-degree turn about every 30 minutes.  We’ve found 8 revolving restaurants on 4 continents so far and this one tops the list.  The food is divine and nothing can beat champagne and strawberries while overlooking the falls at night.  Each night during the season the Falls are lit up with a brilliant laser light show that casts an array of multi colored lights upon the crashing water of the Falls. We had an amazing evening and even got lucky at the high roller casinos later that night.

The Canadian side is vibrant and alive with a street carnival ambience that features a plethora of games, rides and exhibits.  There is a Rainforest Cafe, a WWE exhibit and an Imax theatre that simulates the experience of going over the Falls in a barrel.  For nature enthusiasts there are parks abundant with wildlife on each side of the Falls that allow you to lean over the rails and get sprayed by the water.  You can also take an elevator ride through solid rock for the “Journey Behind the Falls” tour in the tunnels behind the Horseshoe Falls.  Our favorite way to absorb the Falls was to book a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist.  You may have seen this boat featured in the Jim Carrey movie  “Bruce Almighty”. The crew supplies you with yellow ponchos when you board so you don’t get absolutely drenched.  The Maid takes you right up to the base of the Horseshoe Falls.  We got blasted with water – it was an awesome experience!
You can reach Niagara Falls from OC by car.  We drove through PA and NY and made it in about 12 hours.  Our visit was in early September.  The weather was perfect and the kids had just returned to school so it wasn’t very crowded.  It’s the ideal time to make the trek.  We are fortunate to have one of the world’s true marvels in our own backyard.  It’s one of the most magical paradises we’ve ever seen!
– The Rox

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