Ocean City Beach Wedding Permit

Do Ocean City beach weddings require a permit?

No, Ocean City is a free public beach and does not require a permit for small weddings or elopements. There is no fee to get married on the Ocean City beach. Couples planning a ceremony exceeding 50 guests should contact the Mayor’s office.  You may also check the Ocean City MD Event Calendar for possible conflicts. The phone number is 410-289- 8221.

Any legally ordained Wedding Minister may officiate the ceremony if they are compliant with the state of Maryland.
Couples that would like to get married on the beach will need an Ocean City Marriage License issued by the Worcester County Clerk.

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Are Wedding Decorations allowed on the Ocean City Beach?

Yes, wedding decorations are allowed on the Ocean City beach.  They may be set up outside of life guard hours.  Archways, chairs and other wedding decorations should be set up either after 5:30 pm or before 9 AM during the busy summer season.  The party setting up the decorations is liable for any damage that could occur due to wind.  Please make sure all decorations are secure.  You may not rope off areas of the beach or attempt to block access to other beach goers.  If there is a severe storm or lightning, the beach patrol may ask the wedding party to clear the beach for safety reasons.

Can we have a bonfire on the beach in Ocean City?

Open flames of any kind are prohibited on the Ocean City beach.  A wedding bonfire permit may be issued by the Worcester County Fire Marshall.  Sky lanterns, candles, fireworks and sparklers are not allowed on the beach in OC MD.  Smoking and alcohol are prohibited on the Ocean City Maryland beach.

Can you have a Reception on the Beach in Ocean City?

Ocean City Beach Wedding Receptions


Small picnic style Wedding Receptions are allowed on the beach. Speakers, microphones and the amplification are not permitted unless the wedding party petitions the City Council.   If you’d like to cut your wedding cake on the beach, we recommend heavy plates and linen napkins to avoid litter.  Keep your  cake covered so sand won’t blow on it.  Wedding ceremony packages on the beach are a wonderful idea but receptions are usually best inside.  Here are the best Ocean City Wedding Venues.

Are Dogs allowed on the Ocean City Beach?

You may have a dog in your Ocean City beach wedding from October 1st until April 30th.  The dog must be on a leash and controlled at all times.  Service dogs may be allowed on the beach if you have the proper documentation.  If you’d like to have a dog on the Ocean City beach for a summer wedding you should contact the Castle in the Sand or the Clarion Hotel.  They both have semi-private beaches that allow pets and alcohol for a fee.  “Stinky Beach” and parts of Assateague Island also permit dogs on the beach.