Ocean City MD Marriage License

Get a Maryland Marriage License for Assateague
Island & Ocean City Weddings in 3 Easy Steps!


1) Please print and bring the
Non- Resident Maryland Marriage
License Application to your local
courthouse. Ask them to complete
the form. 2nd Marriages will require
a divorce decree or death certificate.

2) Mail your completed application plus
a $35 money order/certified check here:
Worcester County Clerk
One West Market Street  Room 104
Snow Hill, MD  21863

3) Give Sean the license at the Wedding.
You may receive your Marriage License
through the mail or pick it up in person.
The Clerk’s office is 25 miles south of OC.
The phone number is:  410-632- 5500

Ocean City Maryland Marriage License Q & A

When Should we apply for our MD Marriage License?

You must apply at least two business days prior to your wedding.
You may apply as early as six months before your ceremony.
Early applicants may receive their Marriage License in the mail.

What’s in the Maryland Marriage License envelope?

Your big white envelope will have 3 copies of your Wedding License
plus an application for a Certified Copy. The Certified Copy is what
you’ll need to apply for a legal name change or to file taxes jointly.

Who can Legally File a Marriage License in Maryland?

Maryland Wedding Ministers must be recognized by the state and
have a valid Certificate of Ordination.  Out of State online ordinations
may not be recognized and could have serious legal repercussions.

Who receives a Copy of our Marriage License?

Your Ocean City Wedding Minister signs all 3 copies of the
Marriage License. You keep the first copy. Your Minister
puts the 2nd copy in their safe to be retained for a year.
The 3rd copy is filed with the Worcester County Clerk
the next business day after the MD beach wedding.

Does Maryland require Witnesses at a Wedding?

Maryland does not require any witnesses for a wedding to be legal.

How long do we have to use our License?

A MD Wedding License needs to be used within 6 months of being issued.

Can you get Married on the Beach in Ocean City, MD?