Ocean City MD Marriage License

How do you get an Ocean City Marriage License?

Couples getting married in Ocean City or Assateague  need to acquire  a Marriage License from the Worcester County Clerk’s Office in Snow Hill Maryland.  The address is One West Market Street and couples should go to room 104.  The phone number is 410-632- 5500. You may apply in person or through the mail. If you apply in person, you must arrive at least two days prior to your ceremony.  The fee is only $35 and the process usually takes about ten minutes.  They’ll ask if  you’re related (the correct answer is “no.”)  You’ll need a photo ID. If its not your first wedding you’ll need either a decree of divorce or a death certificate.


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OC Brides may also apply through the mail.  Pre Covid 19, couples would complete a  State of Maryland Marriage License Application. Then they would take this form to their local courthouse.  The local courthouse would validate the form.  The couple would send this validated form with a $35 money order to the Worcester County Wedding Clerk in Snow Hill, MD.  Post Covid, couples have been able to send the form directly to the Worcester office and receive their license.  In this case, you may need to also send a copy of your photo identification and divorce or death decrees.  The Maryland marriage license is valid for six months from the day it was issued.

Who can legally perform a wedding in Ocean City?

Any legally ordained wedding minister can Officiate a wedding if they are recognized by the state of Maryland. The wedding officiant must validate the ceremony by sending a signed copy back to the clerk within five days of the wedding.  A Certificate of Ordination may be required.



Couples will receive three copies of the Marriage License in a large white folder.  There will also be an application for a certified copy.  The first copy is to be completed by the wedding minister and returned to the the couple that was married.   This is a ceremonial copy.  If a couple would like a legal name change they will need to complete the application for a certified copy of the Marriage License.  As of 2021 the fee for a certified wedding license is $5.50.


he third copy of the marriage license is to be signed by the wedding minister and retained for a period of at least one year.  Any bride getting married on Assateague Island, Ocean City, Ocean Pines or Berlin will need to obtain their Maryland Marriage License from the Worcester County Clerk.