Ocean City Wedding Minister Requirements

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Brides considering an Ocean City Beach Wedding will need a Minister to perform their ceremony.    The Minister must be legally ordained and  recognized by the state of Maryland for the wedding to be official in the eyes of the law.  The Town of  Ocean City requires professionals operating within the city limits to possess a valid Ocean City Business License.

Ocean City Wedding Minister Requirements

Ocean City Wedding Minister Sean Rox Officiates a Beach Ceremony

The responsibilities of the Minister include assisting the bride and groom ascertain a Marriage License from the Worcester County Clerk.  Once the license application process is completed, the Minister will complete all three copies of the license and file the necessary paperwork with the local government after the wedding.  The newly married couple will receive one copy of the license and the Minister will keep a copy in his or her safe.  If the wedding couple would like a certified copy of their Worcester County Marriage License, that can be issued directly from the clerk for an additional fee.  The certified copy would be the document you would need for a legal name change. Leading up to the Wedding  Day, the Minister is expected to be available via phone or e-mail  to answer any questions you have and assist you in the customization of your vows.  This includes  submitting  a copy of your Ceremony Vows for inspection  by the Bride and making any necessary modifications. The day of your Ocean City Wedding, the Minister arrives early and  is expected to conduct a small rehearsal on the beach with the groom and groomsmen.  This usually takes place under the wedding archway. This is the time when the groom will present the Minister with the Marriage License. This would also be the time when the optional Sand Unity Ceremony would be set up.   Once the groomsmen are set, the Minister will meet the Bride at the top of the beach to help line up the bridesmaids and conduct a run through with the bride and her escort.   When the Wedding party is finally in place, the Minister will head back down to the beach and have the ceremony  DJ cue up the music.  Sometimes several trips up and down the beach are required, so it’s important for the Officiant to be in respectable physical condition.

Ocean City Wedding Minister Requirements

The Ocean City Wedding Ceremony Guide is a Beach Bride’s Best Friend!

After the Minister if finished Officiating the Ceremony, they are expected to move aside so they are not in the backdrop of the first kiss photos.  Then the presentation is made loud and clear and the crowd goes wild!   Finally,  the Minister will help usher the wedding party down the aisle and make any announcements regarding directions for the cocktail hour or  Wedding Reception. Ocean City Beach Wedding Minister  Sean Rox lives in downtown Ocean City with his wife Cassandra.  Cassandra is the Photography director and Sean Officiates the Ceremony.  Sean recently wrote and  published the  Beach Wedding Ceremony Guide which  is available to coupes who book his services. Please contact them anytime with questions or plan to meet them at the next Ocean City Bridal Show in April.

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