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Tips for Planning a Maryland Beach Wedding

5 Tips for a Stress Free Beach Wedding
The only Wedding Opinion that matters in yours

5) Tune out Negative Energy

Don’t let friends and family get in your head. If your family’s not paying for the wedding then the only opinion that matters is yours (and your future spouse). Don’t waste time on pros and cons lists. The timing will never be perfect and things will go wrong through no fault of your own. Those who try to talk you out of a destination wedding do so for selfish reasons. Planning an Ocean City beach wedding should be fun. There’s no room for Debbie Downers at your nuptials. Only invite people who are genuinely supportive – just being related isn’t enough for free tickets to your wedding. Trust your instincts, follow your heart & never second guess your decisions.  It will all work out!

OC Beach Brides Dance When it Rains!

4) If it Rains, Dance!

You can’t control the weather, only how you react to it.  Keep smiling and your guests will too. The bride sets the tone and guests will follow your lead.  Choreograph a Fun Rain Dance with your Bridesmaids while you’re getting ready.  Rain early in the day can help. The Ocean City beach usually clears out and its easier to walk on the sand. There may be a 50% chance of rain but there’s a 100% chance you won’t melt. Order stylish custom wedding umbrellas – you can use them rain or shine as photo props. Get a room as close to the beach so you have a convenient staging area. If the wedding has to move inside, you can still pop out for pictures when it clears up.  Remember, you can’t have a rainbow without some rain!