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Ocean City Beach Wedding Tips

OC Beach Wedding Tips

Keep these helpful tips in mind when you’re planning a beach wedding in Ocean City Maryland.

The only Wedding Opinion that matters in yours

5) Tune out the Negativity

Don’t let friends and family get in your head. If your family’s not paying for the wedding then the only opinion that matters is yours. Don’t waste time on pros and cons lists. The timing will never be perfect and things will go wrong through no fault of your own. Those who try to talk you out of a destination wedding do so for selfish reasons. Planning an Ocean City beach wedding should be fun. There’s no room for Debbie Downers at your nuptials. Only invite people who are genuinely supportive – just being related isn’t enough for free tickets to your wedding. Trust your instincts, follow your heart & never second guess your decisions.  It will all work out!

OC Beach Brides Dance When it Rains!

4) If it Rains, Dance!

You can’t control the weather, only how you react to it. Do you know how rare it is to have a Rainbow in your wedding photos? Keep smiling and your guests will too. The bride sets the tone and guests will follow your lead.  Choreograph a Fun Rain Dance with your Bridesmaids while you’re getting ready.  Rain early in the day is advantageous. The Ocean City beach usually clears out and its easier to walk on the sand. There may be a 50% chance of rain but there’s a 100% chance you won’t melt. Order stylish custom wedding umbrellas – you can use them rain or shine as photo props. Try to stay as close to the beach as possible so you have a convenient staging area. Even if the wedding has to be moved inside, you can still pop out for pictures when it clears up.  Remember, you can’t have a rainbow without some rain!

Maryland Sunset Beach Wedding

3) Timing is Everything

The best time for a summer beach wedding in Maryland  is an hour before sunset.  When the lifeguards leave, crowds disappear and the temperature cools.    You’ll have soft lighting for photos and your makeup is less likely to run.  By dusk you’ll have the beach to yourself. Weekday weddings are much quieter than weekends. Morning weddings can be quite peaceful.  Off season weddings offer more intimacy  and amazing deals on ocean front hotels.

Best Location for an Ocean City Wedding

2) Location, Location, Location

The most  important wedding day investment is your room. Your ceremony should be on the beach in front of that room. is right in front of your room.  You want access to a mirror, bathroom and air condition until the last possible moment. You never want to drive or have to use a public restroom in your wedding dress.

Request the most spacious room with the best balcony in case it rains. If you can’t afford it, trim your guest list until you can. Arrive in Ocean City a day early.  You want to wake up the day of your wedding, look over the balcony and see exactly where you’ll be getting married that evening.  You want absolute Zen & Bliss in the precious hours before your beach wedding.

Ocean City Wedding Planner

1) Use a Wedding Planning Journal

Simplify your Life, Save Money & Get More Sleep!

6 Tips for an Affordable Ocean City Beach Wedding

Trim Your Wedding Guest List
6) Trim your Guest List

Receptions are expensive.  In 2021, being related doesn’t get you an automatic invite. Create rules for the guest list.  A new beach wedding trend is not inviting cousins or “Plus Ones”.  If you’re consistent, no one can complain.  Here’s a Fun Wedding Budget Game!  Take out your guest list.  Assign each guest a cost of $100 plus an hour of your time (Invitations, Favors, Menu, etc.)   Then subtract any guest from the list that you would not want to be alone  in a car with for an hour.  How much time & money did you just save?!

Have a 2nd Wedding Reception back home
5) Have a 2nd Reception at Home

Spread beach love to the friends and family that didn’t make it to the beach. Schedule it a few weeks after your wedding to insure your images arrive in time. Have it at a friend or family member’s house and stock your own bar to cut costs.  You can show your beach wedding & honeymoon images on a big screen plus get a second round of wedding gifts.  It’s a unique opportunity to break out your wedding dress for more  photos + get a second Wedding Cake!

Offseason Beach Weddings Ocean City Maryland
4) Have an Offseason or Weekday Wedding

Early spring & late fall have sweet Ocean City hotel deals and a quiet beach. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are best for beach weddings. Weekdays also weed out fringe guests that can decline due to work (but still send a gift!)  Your inner circle should attend the wedding regardless of date or time.  Winter weddings have the best hotel rates.   Maryland beaches can hit 70 degrees in November and March.   Add flair with a chic beach wedding coat and boots!

Elope to Bethany Beach Delaware
3)  Elope to the Beach

Eloping is the new trend in weddings. The only requirements for a romantic ceremony are the bride, groom, marriage license & officiant.  An amazing photo to frame is the icing on the cake.  There are plenty of free public beaches that are very peaceful at sunrise and sunset.  Couples should be able to get legally married in Ocean City MD with a half-hour of professional photos for under $1000. Some elopers bring their parents and/or children with them.  After the ceremony, you can have a nice family beach portrait!

Get Ordained for Maryland Weddings
2) Ask a Friend to Officiate Your Ceremony

Asking a friend or loved one to Officiate your wedding can add a personal touch and save $500. Online ordination can be risky.  Help your friend get legally ordained in Maryland so the marriage will be recognized in your state. If your wedding is in Ocean City or on Assateague Island, your Officiant needs a Maryland Wedding Ordination Certificate.

Cassandra & Sean Rox
1) Combine your Wedding & Honeymoon

You’ve chosen a beautiful destination for your beach wedding.  Why not enjoy the romantic ambiance for a few more days after your guests have left. Especially if you’re already paying for an expensive flight. If it’s a weekend wedding, you’ll probably get a discount on your room as soon as Sunday night. The cost of the destination wedding is usually offset by a smaller guest list.  Be sure to let your hotel know you just got married.  The best Honeymoon  venues will send complimentary champagne or a gift basket!

 5  Fashion Tips for Ocean City Grooms

Beach Wedding Fashion Tips for the Groom

Much has been written on Beach Bride Fashion, but what about the Groom?  Most grooms have never attended a wedding on the beach and may need guidance. The two main styles are Beach Casual and Formal.  Larger beach weddings (40 or more guests) tend to be dressier weekend affairs with coordinated bridesmaids & groomsmen. Many brides worry about rain but heat & humidity should be the true concern for summer nuptials. Groom attire should be both stylish and comfortable. Here are 5 tips to look dapper and stay cool during your Ocean City Maryland beach wedding:

Stay cool in light colors
1) Wear light colors for Summer Beach Weddings

Dark suits attract sunlight and retain heat. Opt for a Khaki, White, or Light Grey ensemble to reflect the sun’s rays.  Avoid black, navy, and dark grey in the summer.  Sunrise and sunset are the only times to wear dark fabrics at a summer wedding in OC MD.  A black tux acts like a microwave in the sunshine.  Stay cool and flexible to avoid sweaty wedding photos.

Leave Your Shoes Behind
2) Leave your shoes & socks behind

The best way to navigate the sand and let the fresh ocean air cool your toes is to walk the aisle in bare feet or a pair of beachy sandals. There’s nothing wrong with a dressy pair of shorts and a button-down for beach weddings in the summer.  Little ring bearers fare better in shorts so they don’t trip over their pants. The Wedding Party should wear sandals on the Ocean City & Bethany Beach boardwalks to avoid splinters.

Shorts Sleeves in Summer
3) Wear Short Sleeves in the Summer

Short-sleeve button-down dress shirts are perfectly acceptable for Ocean City beach weddings.  An undershirt of the same color is a good plan to absorb moisture and help prevent sweat stains.  My choice is an Under Armour short sleeve compression top. Give the sleeves a single fold and they’ll be easily hidden enough under a short sleeve dress shirt.

What Should the Groom wear to a Beach Wedding
4) Ditch the long-sleeved jacket for a stylish vest.

This cools your core temperature and enhances mobility and flexibility during the ceremony.  The tie tucks neatly into the vest so it won’t flap in the wind.  The top beach wedding trend  for the guys is a straight vest with matching pants.  My signature Ocean City Officiant look for  a decade, vests for Grooms are the new beach wedding fashion statement for 2022.

Bring Sunglasses
5)  Bring Your Sunglasses

You probably won’t wear them during the ceremony (some couples do), but you’ll need them to protect your eyes prior to the ceremony. If you’re having an afternoon or evening ceremony on the Atlantic, you’ll be staring right into the sun prior to the wedding. This can cause bizarre facial expressions as you’ll be squinting at the seated guests that are facing the ocean and the groomsmen.  Beach etiquette allows for the groom and groomsmen to keep their protective eyewear on until the bride approaches the aisle.

Real Ocean City Wedding Stories

Wedding on Ocean City MD's 127th St. beach
Nekeba & Glen of Monmouth Junction, NJ

Sean & Cassandra worked with us professionally on every level, when planning our beachside ceremony. Sean was was responsive, kind & patient. After explaining that we had to cancel our original wedding date in the Bahamas due to the pandemic & explaining to him how we had lost money. Sean worked with us every step of the way. He and His lovely wife, were very accommodating with our situation. On the day of the ceremony, the sunset was perfect & the photographer Dave got some amazing shots. We traveled from New Jersey to Maryland & we’re pleased with the entire experience. Our wedding ceremony was perfect. Thanks Rox Weddings!!! Please consider them, if you planning an Ocean City beach wedding.

Dunes Manor Wedding
Megan & David of Manassas, VA

Our wedding by Rox was so efficient, beautiful, and affordable! I felt good vibes as soon as I contacted Rox for the first time. They are very responsive to emails, phone calls, etc. They provide brochures of information and logistics and the exact script for the ceremony. They were also very accommodating to any other requests or tweaks that we wanted for the ceremony. The decorations were completely set up by Rox and they were beautiful. And what better background for wedding photos than the Ocean City beach?! I also purchased a photography package for our wedding and the photos turned out amazing. Rox is super organized and make the planning process so stress-free. Choosing Rox feels like one of the best decisions I ever made. Its probably the least stressful wedding planning that exists, apart from maybe Vegas.

Wedding on Ocean City's 17th St. Beach
Scott & Rebecca of Boyertown, PA

My husband and I had the most stress free wedding planning experience! Rox beach wedding answered our questions, helped us every step of the way, listen to what we wanted and made our special day perfect! The pictures were perfect and I would recommend this to anyone who is considering a beautiful beach wedding in OCMD!

Castle in the Sand Wedding Ocean City Maryland
Kayla & Markeith of Turtle Creek, PA

Rox beach weddings of did an absolutely amazing job!!! We were planning our wedding from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania so I was a little nervous planning a Maryland beach wedding from a different state but they made everything so easy and simple. Sean and Cassandra were awesome to work with and made our wedding PERFECT!!! The photographer Lisa was amazing and fun we didn’t want to stop taking pictures!! Our the pictures came out Beautiful!!! I can’t thank everyone enough for making the most important day of my life so special and perfect!!!

Ocean City Inlet Wedding with a Rainbow
Tammy & Tim of Salisbury, MD

We could not have dreamed of a better day!!! With O.C., MD being our go to since our 1st date, we decided that it would be the perfect place to get married. From the 1st email to Sean Rox, to the completion of our wedding ceremony, EVERYTHING was professional, courteous & PERFECT!!!! The setup was exactly where we wanted it! I had NO worries or fears throughout the entire planning process. Not to mention, our pictures were WONDERFUL❤ I highly recommended Rox Beach Weddings to anyone with a beach wedding in mind….you will not regret it!!!!

Family Friendly Beach Weddings in Ocean City
Alicia & Corey of Harrisburg, PA

My husband and I had been planning near our home town and with 5 months until the big day, the venue closed down and sold the property. So instead of panicking, like a sane bride, we decided to have our wedding at Ocean City, Md. instead. We contacted Sean at Rox Beach Weddings and his service was absolutely exceptional. Everything was perfect for our wedding day! Sean and the photographer were amazing at making our children feel included in our special day as well. He was extremely professional and friendly leading up to/and performing our ceremony! I can not say enough positive things about our experience! Highly recommend for any couple looking for stress free wedding planning and the most beautiful natural venue. Thanks to everyone involved in making our wedding day perfect!

Ocean City Wedding at the 14th st. beach
Jo Ann & Drew of Bath, PA

If you are looking for a stress free beach wedding look no further! After doing research and reading several reviews I’m so glad we chose Rox Beach Weddings!!! From the moment we emailed Sean about a small wedding on the beach his response time was very fast and continued throughout the whole time until our wedding day. Every single person who we came in contact with was very personable and easy to talk to. Sean even gave us suggestions for restaurants, hair, cake, etc. His wife and photographer also contacted us before our wedding day to see if we had any other questions and to verify information. The only thing I wish I would have done was an extra hour of photography for more pictures before the ceremony. Rox made planning easy and gave us the OC beach wedding of our dreams with very beautiful pictures and memories that will last forever!

Ocean City Princess Royale Beach Wedding
Matthew & Laura of Camp Hill, PA

My husband and I wanted a small, unique ceremony held at our favorite place on earth…the beach. After some research we decided on Rox Beach Weddings in Ocean City, due in part to all the positive reviews we read online. Sean and Cassandra made everything so easy, answered all questions and concerns we had and, in the end, exceeded our expectations. Sean and Cassandra live in OCMD and know all the best places for everything you’ll need during your stay at the beach (hotels, restaurants, salons, wedding cake bakers, etc.) The wedding planning process was virtually stress-free for me, they took care of everything and the end result was beautiful. We purchased the Casablanca package which included a simple beach set up, a photo and video package and a DJ– all for the price of what some of my friends spent on just a photographer! Our photos turned out beautifully and all of our guests enjoyed our relaxed beach wedding…no shoes required! We highly recommend Sean and Rox Beach Weddings for anyone looking to say their “i do’s” in Ocean City or the surrounding area. We had so much fun we’re already talking about a vow renewal with Rox Beach in the future!!

Barefoot Beach Bride in the Ocean
Luis & Tasha of Coplay, PA

We are the very simple, non-planning, last minute details kind of people. So, when it came to planning a Maryland beach wedding, we had no clue where to start. We looked at many local places but nothing was included. All the details we would have to organize separately. We both felt like just running to the court and secretly getting married in Ocean City. Then I came across Rox beach weddings website. I talked to my husband and he said it sounded cool. Once I talked to Sean he totally made the stress go away from that first phone call. All I did was give him a date and the beach and the package and everything was included. I no longer had to do anything except buy our outfits and plan where to stay. Everything was figure out in a week and I didn’t have to think about it for another 8 months. We received all the vow information and ceremony details via e-mail. They were available within a few hours if I had any questions or wanted to add things to the ceremony. The wedding photography was awesome. She came to our room before the ceremony, and took great pics during and after. We even had our first dance on the beach which then turned into our first jump into the water which totally caught everyone off guard. The pictures and videos were great and our beach wedding was fun and stress free. Just the way we wanted it. Without them, our Ocean City wedding wouldn’t have been everything we wanted.

Beach Wedding Fun in Ocean City
Jessie & Chris of Essex, MD

Rox Beach Weddings provided a perfect wedding for my husband and I. We were married on the beach in Ocean City, and Sean and Cassandra Rox took care of the entire set-up (chairs, runner, flowered archway, palm trees) and Sean was our officiant. Sean was very responsive to us in person and via email/phone, always answering questions promptly to make sure we got exactly the ceremony we wanted. Leesa with Rox Beach was our photographer, and she was AMAZING and fun to work with – I have gotten SO MANY wonderful comments on our wedding photos, and loved the entire album. They made me feel like they really cared about our special day, and one of the things that drew me to Rox Beach Weddings specifically were all the options they offered to truly customize your wedding package. Absolutely stress free and I recommend them to everyone planing a beach wedding in Maryland. Thank you Rox!

Sunrise Beach Wedding at the Ocean City Boardwalk
Curtis & Ulinda of Forestville, MD

From the Bride… Using the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop provided a spectacularly romantic scene for our sophisticated oceanfront wedding. The mild ocean air, acres of sand, and rising sun made this seaside affair hands down, the best day of my life. This very romantic ceremony and all the small intricate details like the French-lace gown and Swarovski Crystal-Encrusted Sneakers worn was captured by our Photographer. The perfection just can’t be denied. Rox Beach Weddings is well accustomed to the technicalities of arranging the perfect Ocean City beach wedding, and is able to advise you on formalities necessary to be fulfilled before a wedding can take place. Sean, Officiate/ Wedding organizer, did his very best to ensure the smooth running of this very special, romantic and fun day which is captured not only in photos, but meticulous planning and the wonder of natural surroundings. Ulinda & Curtis McKinney Married on May 10, 2014

Simple, Fun & Romantic Ocean City Weddings
Ashley & Sean of Halifax, PA

Sean and Cassandra made our wedding day absolutely perfect! My husband and I decided we wanted to get married on the Ocean City Maryland beach, just the two of us. Keeping it simple, stress free, and romantic. Sean and Cassandra handled everything. We had no clue on what to do or where to start with getting the license in order. They helped with everything and were available whenever we needed them. It was such a stress free experience. We had great weather that evening. Sean and the beach wedding photographer came before the scheduled time to speak with us. Everything went great. The pictures turned out wonderful and we got a lot more than what we thought we would for the time we actually took the pictures. We didn’t have anything in particular that we wanted so the photographer had ideas of his own and they turned out great. I couldn’t have asked for a better day and better people to work with like Sean and Cassandra. I am so thankful that I chose them to marry us. For such an important day you want everything to be perfect and it most certainly was!

Beach Brides Love Ocean City Weddings
Kirk & Janene of Arnold, MD

I always thought planning an Ocean City beach wedding would be so hard and sooo expensive, which is why I was engaged for 11 years, but when I found Rox and met with them I knew this was the place for me. I can never express enough how much I enjoyed my day !!! I never even thought of a beach wedding before meeting with Rox…and I will NEVER regret it!! I recommend them to EVERYONE !! I couldn’t have imagined not doing a beach wedding now !!! And they do all the work….all you have to do is ENJOY YOUR DAY!!! Just like it was meant to be…..

Wedding on Ocean City's 128th St. beach
Sonja & John of Clinton, TN

John & I have known each other since we were 12. 4 1/2 years ago, we ran into each other again and it was automatic….we knew we would be together forever. We wanted a private, personal beach wedding in Maryland and that’s exactly what we got. It was a perfect morning. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our ceremony. I highly recommend Rox Beach Weddings!!!

Ocean City Wedding Rainbow
Matthew & Heather of Greensburg, PA

When my fiancé and I became engaged all I knew was that I wanted an Ocean City beach wedding. I wasn’t even sure which beach we were going to be married on (the closest beach was 350 miles away!). I began researching beach wedding packages in January of 2012. I came across Rox Beach Weddings and and requested a catalog. Once I received the catalog I liked what I saw and immediately contacted Cassandra. I told her what I was interested in and she suggested the perfect package for me. I didn’t hesitate to make a deposit for my July 19, 2012 date. Sean and Cassandra were great!! They were quick to return phone calls and e-mails. Sean made sure our ceremony was exactly the way we wanted. Cassandra made great recommendations for a venue. Knowing Sean and Cassandra were there to help took a great deal of stress out of the wedding planning. Once we arrived in OC we decided to have a last minute “rehearsal dinner” and Cassandra even recommended a great restaurant. Sean also tried to calm me a few days before the ceremony when I saw the weather report for our wedding date. We did have a light sprinkle during our ceremony but Sean and Cassandra made sure I had my dream beach wedding!! The rain did pass and our photographer did a great job and we have some beautiful wedding pictures. We followed our ceremony with a reception for 42 at the Ocean Pines Beach Club. DJ Armando kept everyone on the dance floor. I’ve already recommended Rox Weddings to a family friend who is thinking of having a beach wedding!!