Ocean City Beach Wedding

Ocean City MD Weddings

OC beaches are ideal for Weddings, Elopements & Vow Renewals.
The Bride’s Guide to Ocean City Beach Weddings will reveal:

  •  Planning Tips for OC Beach Brides
  • Marriage License, Permits & Fees
  • OC Florists, Beauty, Decor & more
  • Romantic Restaurants for Elopers
  • Best Ocean City Wedding Venues
  • Beach Fashion Tips for the Groom


 The Ocean City Bridal Show is Sunday April 11th @ Seacrets!


Is Planning an OC Beach Wedding Easy?

 It should be.
Simple, Fun & Romantic is usually best.
Use your Planning Journals to save time.

“When in Doubt, Leave it Out.”
That includes guests.

Your room is your best investment.
Stay where you can see the beach.
Have your ceremony right in front.
After 6 pm in the summer.

 Let the Ocean be your centerpiece.
 Your DJ is the rhythm of the sea.

Have a plan for the weather,
but don’t lose sleep over it.

If you’re over budget,
trim the guest list first.

Beach Weddings aren’t rocket science-
trust your instincts and you’ll be fine!


Are Ocean City Weddings Expensive?

They don’t have to be.
Ocean City Wedding Packages start at  $450.

Spend money on a great room and go from there.
Get married on a weekday for the best rates.

Most beach weddings have about 15 guests.
Ceremonies are 10 minutes and guests can stand.

Many couples have a 2nd reception back home.
6 tips for an affordable Ocean City Wedding


Ocean City License, Permits & Fees

A Marriage License for Ocean City Weddings is only $35.
Couples can usually apply through the mail or in person.
License must be issued at least 2 days prior to wedding.
The Maryland Marriage License is only valid for 6 months.

Does Ocean City require a Wedding Permit?
No, it does not.  Ocean City, MD is a free public beach.
Large events should check with the town for possible conflicts.

Receptions on the beach are not a good idea.
Amplification of music, microphones & alcohol are not permitted.
Wind, sand & seagulls wreak havoc on food & paper products.


Beauty & the Beach

A bride’s most important accessory is her smile.
A beautiful bridal bouquet will enhance your images.

Ocean City’s Top Wedding Florists are:


Mobile Hair, Nail & Makeup Artists:


Full Service Beauty Salons near Ocean City:


Beach Wedding Decorations

Our friend Jodie from Barefoot Beach Bride has the most beautiful
beach wedding setups, archways and chairs in Ocean City, MD.


Who Bakes the Best Wedding Cake at the Beach?

Sweet Disposition on route 54 (MD/DE border).
Linda & Karen create magic in their kitchen!


Is there a British Wedding Photographer at the Beach?

No one does a Royal Wedding like the Brits!
There is one British Wedding Photographer in OC
and she’s married to the beach Wedding Officiant.


Chauffeured Limo Service


Ocean City’s Top Wedding DJ Service

Shiny Entertainment provides music, lighting,
video projection, monograms and a photo booth.


Ocean City Wedding Caterers


Romantic  Restaurants for Elopers


Best Spot if you get Married in the Morning?

The Bayside Skillet has a lovely outdoor deck overlooking the bay.
Fresh squeezed Orange Juice makes Ocean City’s best Mimosa!


What are OC’s Best Wedding Venues?

Thought you’d never ask  :-  )
With so many Wedding Venues in Ocean City we need a new page.
Click the pic on your right to see all the top spots!

 5 Fashion Tips for Ocean City Grooms

Much has been written about Bridal Fashion, but what about the Groom?  Most grooms have never attended a wedding on the beach and may need guidance. The two main styles are Beach Casual and Formal.  Larger beach weddings (40 or more guests) tend to be dressier weekend affairs with coordinated bridesmaids & groomsmen. Many brides worry about rain but heat & humidity should be the true concern for summer nuptials. Groom attire should be both stylish and comfortable. Here are 5 tips to looking dapper while remaining cool during your wedding by the sea:

1) Wear light colors. Dark suits attract sunlight and retain heat. Opt for a Khaki, White, or Light Grey ensemble to reflect the sun’s rays.  Avoid black, navy, and dark grey in the summer.  Sunrise and sunset are the only times of day you’ll be cool enough to wear dark fabrics on a sunny summer day.

2) Ditch the long-sleeved jacket for a stylish vest.  This cools your core temperature and enhances mobility and flexibility during the ceremony.  The tie tucks neatly into the vest so it won’t flap in the wind.

3) Speaking of sleeves, short-sleeve button-down dress shirts are perfectly acceptable for beach weddings.  An undershirt of the same color is a good plan to absorb moisture and help prevent sweat stains.  My choice is an Under Armour short sleeve compression top. Give the sleeves a single fold and they’ll be easily hidden enough under a short sleeve dress shirt.

4) Leave your shoes & socks behind.  The best way to navigate the sand and let the fresh ocean air cool your toes is to walk the aisle in bare feet or a pair of beachy sandals. There’s nothing wrong with a dressy pair of shorts and a button-down in the summer.  Little ring bearers fare better in shorts so they don’t trip over their pants.

5)  Bring Sunglasses. You probably won’t wear them during the ceremony (some couples do), but you’ll need them to protect your eyes prior to the ceremony. If you’re having an afternoon or evening ceremony on the Atlantic, you’ll be staring right into the sun prior to the wedding. This can cause bizarre facial expressions as you’ll be squinting at the seated guests that are facing the ocean and the groomsmen.  Beach etiquette allows for the groom and groomsmen to keep their protective eyewear on until the bride approaches the aisle.


What’s the ideal time & location for Wedding Pics?

A lot depends on the time of year, but the two most popular answers are sunrise and sunset. We prefer sunset – you’ll have a lot more margin for error. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This means on the eastern shore, the only opportunity to see the sun actually submerged in the sea is during sunrise. At dawn, the beach is usually empty. Even during the busy summer season,  an old man with a metal detector, an early morning jogger or birdwatcher are all you’re likely to encounter. It is the most tranquil time of day and has the coolest temperatures. You can distinctly hear the waves and occasionally you’ll see foxes near the dunes.

We only recommend sunrise for elopers and tiny ceremonies. Most couples should try to get married about an hour before sunset. You can sleep in, you’ll have more vendor options and you’re guests won’t complain behind your back.

A morning wedding may save money, but a sunset wedding will keep everyone happy.


Is the Inlet the Best Spot for OC Wedding Portraits?

Probably, but you may have to use a public restroom in your wedding dress. We recommend having the wedding as close to where you’re stating as possible. If you’re coming in for just the day, then the inlet has some exciting photo opportunities!

The OC Inlet may be the most picturesque strip along the mid-Atlantic coast. The beaches of Maryland and Delaware are pretty similar for wedding photography. The one exception is the OC Inlet. The inlet is Ocean City’s southernmost point and is surrounded by water on three sides. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of Wight Bay is on the west. To the south, you are able to see the beautiful natural seashore of Assateague Island. This panoramic peninsula is the perfect backdrop for your wedding portraits  The inlet has paid parking for your guests. The pier and Ferris wheel from Trimper’s Rides are iconic Ocean City landmarks. There is a beautiful railed walkway that wraps along the inlet that is ideally suited for a romantic stroll and posing. The rock jetty that extends out into the ocean is an ideal spot for your Beach Set Up and  Archway. Make sure you allow enough photography time to get the images you deserve- there are so many unique backdrops that will make your friends and co-workers jealous of your photos.

Smaller beach wedding ceremonies at the inlet may choose a more informal post-ceremony celebration. A walk along Ocean City’s famous boardwalk offers plenty of excitement. There are arcades, amusement rides, bumper cars, and plenty of lively bars and saloons to stop for cocktails and snacks to choose from. The inlet is a wonderful spot for your OC Beach Wedding most times of the year. There are a few weekend events that limit parking. Sunfest, Springfest, Bike Week, and Wine on the Beach are all chaotic weekends at the inlet.

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