St Ives Photographer Cassandra Rox

Photographer Cassandra Rox

Cassandra Rox has been the Photography Director for Rox Beach Weddings since 2006.  Born in England, she flew to LA to work on cruise ships at the age of 19.  She spent six years at sea followed by extended visits to Australia & Greece.  She loves animals and enjoys nature  & wildlife photography.   Some of her favorite travel experiences are a Rhino walk in Zambia, Tango in Argentina, Botswana River Safari, stand up Paddleboard in Bora Bora, sailing the Nile on a felucca, Eloping to Niagara Falls and helicopter photo shoots over Kauai & the Grand Canyon.
She co-founded the Beach Bride Sea Turtle Rescue project in 2020.

Behind the Lens with Cassandra Rox

Portrait Posing is one of the most important aspects of wedding photography. This quick video lets you go behind the lens of a beach wedding photo shoot with Cassandra Rox.  Keep scrolling down the page to see her Wedding Portrait Galleries and unique travel photos.

After the shoot Cassandra does a bit of editing and delivers your images in a high resolution digital file.

Beach Wedding Photography by Rox
Cassandra can usually have your images ready in about two weeks.

Photography by Cassandra Rox