Is Sunrise the Best Time for an Ocean City Beach Wedding?

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Ocean City Maryland Sunrise Wedding by Rox Beach

What is the best time of day  to have an Ocean City MD Beach Wedding?  Each year brides from Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio ask this same question.  A lot depends on the time of year, but the two most popular answers are sunrise and sunset.  The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  This means on the eastern shore, the only opportunity to see the sun actually submerged in the sea is during sunrise.   Ocean City sunrises are particularly majestic!   OC is one of the cleanest beaches on the mid Atlantic.  At dawn the beach is usually empty so you and your wedding guests will have the sand all to yourselves during the ceremony.  Even during the busy summer season,  an old man with a metal detector, an early morning jogger or birdwatcher are all you’re likely to encounter.  It’s just you and the ocean and the birds basking in the rays of a brand new day.   It is the most tranquil time of day.  You can distinctly hear the waves lapping onto the shoreline and the sea birds prancing along the shoreline.  Occasionally you’ll even see baby foxes at play in the dunes.
Sunrise weddings offer the coolest temperatures during the hot summer months.  The cool sands are a delightful treat for barefoot brides.   The lighting is soft in the early morning which translates into gentler photos and wedding videos.   Usually dark colored suits for the groomsmen are a “no-no” on the beach, but in the early hours you can get away with it.
One of the best perks of an Ocean City sunrise beach wedding package  is that you’ll have the entire day to celebrate!  OC has an abundance of restaurants that serve early breakfast.  I f you’re feeling adventurous, you may even opt for a champagne brunch at your hotel or the Bayside Skillet.   If you’re paying for the wedding reception, a morning ceremony is a great way to cut costs.  Treating your guests to breakfast instead of dinner should cut your bill in half.   Most guests tend to drink significantly less in the morning than the evening,   so it’s a opportunity to spring for an “open bar” at a fraction of the costs.   The final reason to consider a sunrise wedding on the Ocean City Maryland Beach:   The mid afternoon Wedding Day Nap.    This should be the best nap of your life, so don’t let that opportunity pass you by!
Another perk of a sunrise wedding is plenty of free parking is available in downtown Ocean City- the boardwalk parking meters are not in effect until 8 AM.
No matter what time you decide to have your beach  ceremony, make sure you order your free Ocean City Beach Wedding Catalog and  plan on attending the OC Bridal Show in April.
If you need help deciding the best time for your ceremony and reception or help with hotels and venues,  local planner Cassandra Rox is available to answer your questions.  Sunset times vary throughout the season. Complete MD beach sunrise and sunset listings can be found at the bottom of our FAQ page.

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