What if it Suns? Brides Lose Sleep Planning Indoor Wedding Ceremonies

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Indoor Wedding Ceremonies

Make a “Sun Emergency Plan” if you’re Rolling the Dice on an Indoor Wedding Ceremony

Brides across the world have been losing countless hours of sleep leading up to their indoor Wedding Ceremonies.   We did some research to discover what was causing stress while planning what should be one of the most enjoyable days of your life- a fun party with your closest group of family and friends.   Brides from America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia all shared a common phobia:   “What if it Suns?”   Brides to be all over the planet are terrified that a Beautiful Sunny day could ruin their indoor Ceremony and trap their bridal party and guests inside, wandering what could have been.  One Bride we spoke with had a recurring dream of being chased around a dimly lit chapel by her photographer’s  blinding and relentless oversized flash bulb.  As a beautiful autumn sun illuminates the sky outside, her bridal party  claws at  stained glass windows in their newly donned white sunglasses.    The congregation is texting furiously behind the cover of their pews as they plan their escape. Somewhere in the back,  that creepy  uncle she didn’t remember inviting bellows above the fray:  “Just Kiss her already, I forgot to feed the parking meter.”    A loud POP reverberates through the chapel as the air conditioner installed in 1962 finally  dies and everything fades to black.
A terrible nightmare indeed.  Yet brides still continue to roll the dice and plan indoor wedding ceremonies.   The risk is enormous.  The images from an indoor wedding simply cannot compete with a natural backdrop. Whether it’s the Beach, the Bay, a river or the woods- your photos will at least have a chance to be amazing.  Even if it rains, you’ll probably still have better pictures than those taken inside. A  white “Just Married” umbrella can be a fun prop, plus a spot of rain on your Wedding Day is considered Good Luck.    Booking an indoor Wedding Ceremony is like betting against the Sun.    No one wants to be trapped inside on a beautiful day.   If you are still considering tying the knot inside, make sure to have a SUN EMERGENCY PLAN.   Rehearse an escape route for your guests to meet out side quickly in a sunny natural area.  We suggest having the Best Man ring a special “Sun Bell” to alert guests it is time to form a single file line at their designated exits and seek immediate sunlight.  Make sure your chapel has a glass encased  Emergency Sunblock Block Box that can be broken into quickly.   The elderly, small children and expecting mothers may need additional assistance- have the ushers provide them with sunglasses first before distributing shades to remaining guests.

We hope you found this semi fictional perspective entertaining.   Living here on the beautiful beach of Ocean City Maryland, we are blessed with fantastic weather.  Call us biased, but we believe Beach Weddings Photos and Videos are the best you’ll see.  Make sure your wedding planning is Fun, Easy and Stress Free and  don’t lose sleep over the weather.  Give Sun a Chance!

Indoor Wedding Ceremonies

You Can’t Have a Rainbow without the Rain- Embrace the Great Outdoors at Your Wedding!

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